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Delta Bale Unroller Spreader

The Delta Bale Unroller Spreader with spring tines or discs! It is used for bedding or feeding wrapped bales, straw, hay…

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NEW: PTO version Sigma Evolution Straw Blower

Especially designed for tractors, the straw blower can spread round or square bales up to 15 meters away.

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NEW: Dis'fib Feeder Bucket

Especially designed for grass cut by forage harvester and for chopped grass, maize silage.

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For 41 years, Emily has been a major manufacturer for material handlings and offers you a wide range of products for agriculture, industry, construction, environment and green area.


Cutting, mixing and discharging food: auger buckets for grass, maize silage..., mixer feeder buckets (from 1.10 to 7.50m³), rotor buckets, silocub, mixer and auger buckets for concentrates...

Bedding: bale unroller spreader, straw blower, bedding buckets...

Sweeping and cleaning: sweeper buckets, indoor vacuum sweeper, sweeping module, towed sweeper, orientable sweeper, hydraulic high pressure...

Concrete and trenches: mixer auger bucket, material auger buckets...


NEW 2015: square and round bales spreader, Mini'dis Bedding Bucket, Pick & Go attachments (Feeder Tank, Silage Pusher, Modulo'sweep), Rotor on frame, Mobile rotor bucketAero'sweepPTO version of Sigma Evolution Straw BlowerDis'fib Feeder Bucket and Pick & Go Bale Unroller Spreader.